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Simply put, quilts are works of art. If you have ever admired a beautiful quilt then you were admiring a tradition that dates back centuries. There are different types of quilts as well as a variety of uses for them. The craftsmanship that goes into the making of a quilt is quite amazing.

  • We teach novice to professional with a process created by Mary Beth herself.
  • Create a beautiful quilt in weeks, not months!
  • Come and learn how to quilt in a warm and friendly Victorian setting.
  • A place to learn, socialize and make new friends.


Quilts are bed covers also known as comforters or duvets depending on what part of the world you are from. Quilts are made by a process known as “quilting”. Quilts are made when two layers of cloth along with a layer of insulating batting are stitched together. Quilts can be handmade or sewn with a sewing machine. Stitches are made in a geometric grid that traps air in the material which is what makes quilts so warm. This technique makes quilts warmer than a single layer of material or even two separate layers. There are three steps when making a quilt. Piecing is the first step and it involves the sewing of the quilt top. The second step is called layering; this is where the quilter layers the quilt’s backing, batting, and top into place. The third and final step is binding. Binding is when the quilt’s edges get trimmed with fabric.



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